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A lucky Dorchester winner scoops £1,000 on our Lottery – and it could be you next

23rd November 2021


Fundraising News

Congratulations to Diane House from Dorchester (pictured above with husband Colin), who has won the top weekly jackpot of £1,000 on the lottery supporting Weldmar Hospicecare.

“I thought it was somebody winding me up at first,” Diane told us, “and then it was a big surprise to find out that I had actually won!  It’s a smashing amount.”

Diane has been playing the lottery to support Weldmar since November 2018.  Almost exactly three years ago she saw a lottery representative in a local supermarket foyer, and signed up.  “They were in there, promoting the lottery, and although I had some reservations over signing up there and then I went with it because it is such a good cause.  Why wouldn’t you support your local hospice?  End of life and palliative care is very important.”

Home improvements are in order with the winnings, with some updates to their utility room, and their four grandchildren will get an extra treat this Christmas too.

Diane adds, “It’s less than five pounds a month, so you don’t even notice it, and it all helps towards the care that Weldmar provides.”

It’s easy to sign up to the lottery, which is administered on behalf of Weldmar by Your Hospice Lottery. You can sign up with a Direct Debit and buy additional tickets as you want to online, or visit any Weldmar Hospicecare shop in Dorset and ask at the till.  It’s just £1 a ticket, and there are guaranteed weekly prizes of £1,000, £250, and lots of £10 prizes.  There is also a Rollover Jackpot that could reach a huge £25,000!

Find out more about playing the Lottery for Weldmar here

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