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Advance Care Planning Hub:

What to include in an Advance Care Plan

It’s time to ask ‘what matters to me?’

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Asking yourself what matters to you can help you plan for the future and form the basis of your Advance Care Plan. Knowing what matters most and sharing your wishes can help you feel supported in your decisions.

Your Advance Care Plan can include any decisions you make about your future care.

This might be:

  • how you would like to be looked after
  • Where you would like to be looked after in the future and in your final days
  • any spiritual or religious beliefs you would like taken into account
  • who you want to spend time with
  • who your doctors or nurses should talk to if you don’t have capacity to make decisions
  • the name of the person you have appointed to make decisions on your behalf if you’re unable to make them (your lasting Power of Attorney)
  • how you would like practical matters dealt with, such as the care of a pet
  • particular music you like
  • what you would like to happen to your body after you die

Useful templates

Weldmar Hospicecare has put together two useful booklets that will help you with Advance Care Planning.

Planning For Your Future Care is tailored towards your clinical and medical wishes, and Ducks In A Row is a useful place to store information about useful contacts, where important documents are stored, and so on. Please contact us if you are a medical professional who would like to purchase copies of Planning For Your Future Care. Ducks In A Row is available as a downloadable PDF for individuals who would like to complete it.

Download a digital version of Ducks In A Row here


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