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Carers Week 2021: A message from radio stars Tiggy & Johnnie Walker to the loved ones who care for Weldmar patients

9th June 2021


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83% of Weldmar patients are cared for in the comfort of their own home, with a Weldmar Community Nurse providing regular visits and calls.  Very soon, we’ll be launching Weldmar at Home where more regular care is provided in the home in the final weeks and days.

But it is the loved ones of our patients often become their full time carers, and we are recognising these amazing individuals during Carers Week this year.

Johnnie Walker presents Sounds of the 70s on BBC Radio 2 every Sunday, and has been a familiar voice on the radio since his pirate radio shows in the 1960s.  He and his wife Tiggy live in Dorset, and present a podcast called Consciously Coupling.  They are also patrons of Carers UK, and have sent this message for those family members who are carers of Weldmar patients.

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