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How can we help you?

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Weldmar and the services we offer.

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Counselling, Bereavement, and Spiritual Support

Our qualified counsellors provide bereavement and emotional support to patients and to those that are important to them, including their children, and we also provide spiritual support.

If, at any point along your Weldmar journey you feel you need to talk to someone, please ask any member of our team who is looking after you.

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At Weldmar, we often describe the time that people spend with us as one of life’s most difficult journeys. We are there to support patients, their carers, and their loved ones through this journey. Talking to someone can help, and this could be with one of our counsellors, or one of our spiritual care volunteers. We give you that safe and confidential space to share your thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which can really help.

As with all Weldmar services, these are provided free of charge.

Common Questions

How many counselling sessions will I have?

You are offered an initial six sessions counselling sessions, which can be extended in some circumstances.

Is counselling confidential?

Yes, what is said between you and your counsellor remains confidential with some exceptions. For example, if your counsellor feels that you or someone around you might be at risk of harm then confidentiality might be broken.

Can I see my counsellor/supporter in person?

Yes, you can meet in person in a room at the Inpatient Unit in Dorchester, or Trimar House in Weymouth. We can also meet for a ‘walk and talk’ if you might prefer to meet outside.

Can I see a counsellor/supporter with my loved one/significant other?

Yes, you can see a counsellor with my loved one/significant other, as some members of our team are able to support couples.

How do I get in touch to arrange a counselling session?

You can contact Weldmar Hospicecare directly, via our Inpatient Unit reception on 01305 215300, or operations.admin@weld-hospice.org.uk.

We’re there for children, too

Weldmar Hospicecare has a dedicated Children and Young Person’s Counsellor, who will specifically look after those aged 24 and under, in schools, in the community, and one-to-one.

Spiritual Care

The spiritual care team is here to support patients, families, friends as carers as you need us to, whether this is to explore the answers to questions you may have, or to help you find the beginnings of your own answers. Or more simply, to sit alongside you where you are.

We welcome and support people of all philosophies, faiths, beliefs, world views as well as those who would not identify with any of these, and come from a wide range of faith and non-faith communities, this enables us to be open and inclusive in all we do.

The hospice provides a Quiet Room available for reflection and/or prayer.

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