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Dying Matters Week: How Weldmar at Home would have helped with Cliff’s final days

12th May 2021



Cliff was one of the 46% of Weldmar patients who wanted to spend his final days in the comfort and familiar surroundings of his own home.

Weymouth became home to Cliff in his later years, and he was regularly visited by his grandchildren and daughter Angela, who were based in Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire.

It was July 2020 when Cliff became unwell, and he spent time in hospital where problems with his kidney were identified, and he had an operation. Sadly, he was back in hospital a few weeks later and diagnosed with terminal cancer.

It was clearly a distressing time for the family, and Angela, a busy care home worker, was back and forth from Aylesbury every weekend to see him.

“So many agencies, and people, seemed to be involved in his care when he was discharged from hospital,” says Angela. “I didn’t know who I was to call or contact to get the latest news on his condition. Lucy and Debby from the Weldmar Community Nursing team would contact me regularly, when they had been in to see him.”

Angela says that had Weldmar at Home been available at that time, Cliff would have been able to benefit from the additional service provided by Weldmar, and the family would have had the reassurance of more regular communication. “There were different carers coming in, day and night, and so they would have to check his notes each time to find out what to do, what not to do, and what Dad liked.”

“Although experienced carers, some were not familiar with caring for someone coming to the end of their life, and not being able to recognise when he was dying meant I didn’t get the call to be with him when he passed away.”

“Having specialist hospice carers would have been a real benefit, and also would have made the communication so much easier.”

“The care should include the family as much as the patient, and a hospice knows how to do that.”

Thank you to Angela for sharing her story during Dying Matters Week, which this year concentrates on being #InAGoodPlace to die, both physically and mentally, and highlights the need for Weldmar at Home.

Your support for the Weldmar at Home Appeal means that we can provide hospice care in the home, during the last weeks of a patient’s life.

We will continue to work closely with other partner agencies to ensure that patients’ wishes are met when they want to die at home, with dignity, and in comfort, with the addition of the Weldmar at Home service.

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