Specialist care for adults in Dorset with a life limiting illness

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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Weldmar and the services we offer.

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Can I do a Street Collection for Weldmar Hospicecare?

Yes, you can do street collections for Weldmar. However, there are strict guidelines set in place by The Fundraising Regulator which must be followed. In most cases, if you are collecting on public land you will need a licence or permission from the relevant local authority. On private land you will need permission from the person responsible for the site.

Information directly from The Fundraising Regulator:

While fundraising, you must not:

You must avoid causing an obstruction, congestion and nuisance to the public. You must not deliberately block the path of members of the public.

You must treat the locations you are working at or visiting with respect.

You must not suggest to any member of the public that the conversation you are attempting to start is not about money or that you are ‘not fundraising’.

Unless this is authorised under an agreement with a private site, you must not approach members of the public who are:

You must not knowingly approach people who are carrying out official duties, such as uniformed officials while they are on duty or people who are clearly working.

You must not obstruct, interfere with or disrespect members of staff from local businesses.

For more information on the laws and regulations around Street Collection, please visit The Fundraising Regulator Website

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