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It’s arrestingly good fun – sign up now for Weldmar’s next Jail and Bail!

12th January 2024


Fundraising News

Do you have a boss, friend or colleague you’d like to put on trial for an annoying habit or not making the tea? We are looking for local supporters to be nominated by colleagues to spend a day locked up in Shire Hall‘s cells on Friday 1st March, and fundraise their bail amount of £999 to get released from Jail for Weldmar’s next Jail and Bail. The funds raised at the event will help us to continue providing our vital services to patients and their families in Dorset. Last year saw the first Weldmar Jail & Bail event with our 5 ‘prisoners’ from local businesses raising a combined total of £9,200 for Weldmar Hospicecare, and Shire Hall trustee David Upshall raised over £1000 for the Shire Hall Memory Cafe.

The participants last year were accused of a variety of crimes including ‘Aggravated Colleague Ignoring’ and ‘First Degree Bubbly Behaviour’. Carl McClements, representing Phoenix Care Ltd was found guilty of being a ‘Fair Weather Football Fan’, he told us, “It ended up being a team effort, with everyone backing each other and helping them raise as much money as possible. A big shout out to the judge, who played the part really well! I was gobsmacked with the amount of money we raised, I did not expect that at all. Weldmar is close to our hearts in our family, so it was unbelievable.”

Danielle Holder of Gungho Marketing was charged with ‘Grand Theft Candy’,  she remarked, “It was incredible, and lots of fun, especially working with people from a number of other local companies. When we found out that at 4pm we had collectively raised more than £8,000, and the amount of care that would pay for, it touched my heart more than before because I know what Weldmar had done for my mum when she needed it most, so it was incredible.”

Before going to the cells for the fundraising part of the day, the participants will take part in a ‘sentencing’ in the courtroom complete with Shire Hall’s judge for the day. Fiona Hansford, Weldmar Fundraising Lead, will be looking after everyone on the day, and making sure they don’t commit contempt of court! She is looking forward to welcoming a new set of supporters to Shire Hall this year, she said “Last year was the first time we had held a Jail & Bail event and it was such great fun, all the participants really got into the spirit of it, posting videos in the run up and embracing the courtroom drama on the day. There was a great atmosphere and all the companies supported each other which was lovely to see. I am so grateful to Shire Hall for letting us use the Courtroom Museum and cells for the day it is the perfect setting for the event.”

If you would like to nominate a colleague, or yourself, to take part please click the button below to complete the application form

For more information, please contact Fiona Hansford, Fundraising Lead, Weldmar Hospicecare.

fiona.hansford@weld-hospice.org.uk or 01305 261 800


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