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Janet wins £1,000 on the lottery supporting Weldmar

2nd June 2021


Fundraising News

Eighty year old Janet Vater still can’t stop smiling, five days after getting the phone call to say she’d won £1,000 on the lottery supporting Weldmar Hospicecare.

“I couldn’t believe it!”, says Janet, who lives in Winterborne Whitechurch with her husband Richard. “I was very happy. I’ve won the odd £10 in the past, but never anything like a thousand pounds!”

The couple have got just one thing in mind for the winnings. “We really want to go on holiday. We’re thinking about Torquay in September, if everything works out with Covid.”

“We think that Weldmar do a grand job, which is why we play the lottery every week to support them.”

Thank you to Janet and Richard for their support. It could be you next! Playing the lottery costs just £1 a week, provides regular income to the charity, and there are guaranteed weekly prizes up to £1,000, and a rollover jackpot that could reach £25,000!

Find out more about the lottery here


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