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Making Every Moment Matter: help us raise £250,000 in just 30 hours this May Find out more

Making Every Moment Matter Launch

Making Every Moment Matter: 30 hours where your donations will be doubled

Just imagine what could happen if every pound that was donated to Weldmar Hospicecare turned into two pounds? If every ten pounds became twenty pounds, and fifty pounds became one hundred pounds?

That’s exactly what will happen during the 30 hours of Making Every Moment Matter, starting at 10am on Sunday 19th May.



Weldmar Hospicecare

This year alone, our services are going to cost us around one million pounds more than we are able to raise

For the past thirty years we have provided specialist end of life care in Dorset free of charge to those who need it. Since the pandemic, the demand for our services has significantly increased with more people looking to Weldmar for specialist support as they are living with very complex conditions.

This predicted shortfall in funding that is the equivalent of the cost of care provision for 438 local people.

During the thirty hours of our Making Every Moment Matter campaign, every donation will be matched.

Every donation that pays for a visit from a Weldmar Community Nurse will became enough to pay for two visits. Donations that help towards the cost of a care for a patient at our Inpatient Unit, a bereavement counselling session, a visit to provide hands on care and support from our hospice at home service, or a session with a therapist that allows a patient to retain their independence or increase their physical or mental wellbeing, will all become enough to provide twice the amount of care.

Your donation will have twice the impact, and allow Weldmar Hospicecare to make every moment matter for local families experiencing life’s most difficult journey.

If you made a donation of...


This would become £60 and fund TWO hours of physiotherapy for a patient


This would become £90 and fund TWO specialist counselling sessions for a child experiencing bereavement


Ten donations turns £600 into £1,200, funding 48 instead of 24 hours of care for a patient at our Inpatient Unit

From 10am on Sunday 19th May, you can link to our donation platform right here.

How Weldmar can make every moment matter


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