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brave the shave

Mum and daughter ‘brave the shave’ for Weldmar and raise more than £1,000

17th June 2022


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Anne and Leanne Masters, a mother and daughter from Portland, have had their heads shaved to raise money for Weldmar Hospicecare.

More than a thousand pounds had been pledged by family, friends, and supporters, by the time the clippers buzzed into action at Meraki in Poundbury yesterday.

Leanne is celebrating her 40th birthday this month, and says the idea has been in the making for a year.  “Last June, I came in for my birthday haircut, and told my hairdresser Claire that I would be getting it shaved off completely next year, as it would be five years since Nan spent her last days at the hospice.”


Anne agreed to join Leanne a few months ago, and admits she was feeling quite nervous about it.  “I’m the kind of person who, if I say I’m going to do something, I will do it, so although I’ve felt quite anxious I’m really glad I did it, especially because it’s raised so much money.”

It was all in memory of Leanne’s Nanny Jean, who was cared for at our Inpatient Unit in Dorchester.



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Anne says: "There is the fear before you go into the hospice of it being rather 'clinical' - but you go in and there's a family environment, and you didn't have to feel guilty if you laughed or enjoyed seeing the family all together there."

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Leanne adds, “We felt free to enjoy and appreciate being with Nan for the last time. It was stress free. She was comfortable. They were the nicest staff – one day she woke up and said she didn’t want to be near the window, so they moved her instantly.  Grandad loved the food too!  We raise money and go back to the hospice every year.”

The 40th birthday celebrations continue for Leanne with music, drinks, and spending time with the rest of the family.

Anne says, “We love our new look! It’s light and breezy, and I think we look a bit younger, too!”



Thank you to Anne and Leanne for sharing their story with us.  If you would like to tell us more about Weldmar have helped your family, or why you are fundraising or supporting us, please contact marketing@weld-hospice.org.uk.


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