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The Purbeck Appeal

We believe that everyone should have access to the very best end of life care – and with your help, we can ensure that those living in the Purbeck area have access to this, 24 hours a day.

Weldmar at Home helps to provide people with dignity and comfort in their final weeks and days, and supports their loved ones too. Our care is provided for free, and we are expanding our services in this area.

Please be here for us and support the development of at home hospice care in the Purbeck area, and we can be there for you and your loved ones should you ever need us.

People’s biggest fears about dying include being alone and dying in pain – together, we can ensure the reality is different.

Mary Weldmar at Home

By Mary Brice
Weldmar at Home Team Lead

Imagine being told that you need end of life care, you’re worried, angry and in pain…and you have no one to turn to. Experiencing one of life’s most difficult journeys can be challenging enough, but facing this alone is unthinkable.

When someone feels at their worst and they don’t know where to turn, often the only option is to call 999 and be admitted to A&E. This is a clinical environment which is focussed on helping people get better, not necessarily a place where anyone should need to receive end of life care. This could very well be where they die, without loved ones nearby or any of their home comforts around them.

In 2022, this simply isn’t right. Everyone should have access to a dignified and comfortable ending, with their wishes listened to and respected, with them remaining in control of their choices and journey no matter what their circumstances and background. We believe that everyone should have access to the very best end of life care – and with your help, we can ensure that those living in the Purbeck area have access to this, 24 hours a day.

Weldmar at Home is a hospice at home service that we launched, thanks to the support of our local community, back in July 2021. This service is provided by Weldmar Hospicecare and we have already met the wishes of more than three hundred patients to stay at home in their final weeks and kept them from having to dial 999. Our care is provided completely free of charge and is purely led by the wishes of the patient and their loved ones. More often than not, the hands on care we provide to our patients is just a small part of what we do.

Making the family a cup of tea, helping the patient to eat a small square of their favourite chocolate, hearing the wonderful stories about happier times and being that listening ear, comforting hug and reassuring voice, just when people need it most. Even getting to know our patient’s favourite music and putting this on quietly in the background as we make them as comfortable as possible. Everyone should have access to this – and we want to ensure that those living in the Purbeck area do too.

Up until last month, Weldmar at Home was entirely charitably funded and has been provided throughout north, west and south Dorset. The difference that this care has made to hundreds of families is humbling – but we want to ensure it is available for everyone, no matter what their geographical location. Swanage, Wareham and surrounding areas should be no exception – and with your help, it won’t be.

Weldmar at Home

“Please pass on our sincere thanks and gratitude for care and support given to our family. We were supported as a family during mums last night, the staff member was so caring and supportive. We were supported to wash, dress and present my mum after her death, truly professional and caring. Priceless service, so invaluable. Thank you.”

Demand is increasing, the pressures on the NHS are building and people’s wishes to stay at home in their final days just aren’t being met. With almost three in every ten patients in hospital being in their last year of life, a clinical environment is not where they should be. At home, surrounded by their memories, their pets and covered in their own duvet listening to their favourite music – a place where they feel safe, comfortable and at peace – that is where they should be. And with your help, Weldmar at Home can be by their side throughout the final part of their journey.

Weldmar at Home. MaxinePeople need our help right now but we can only provide this care, accessible to those living in your neighbourhood, with your support. Our aim is to launch this service across the Purbeck area by January 2023 with a team of caring colleagues who will be available to provide the highest standards of care, day and night for those who need us. Not only will your donation ensure that patients in the Purbeck area are receiving the most dignified care at home, but we will also be there for their loved ones and extended family too. Our Patient and Family Support Team will be able to provide emotional support and counselling, a relaxing massage to help ease stress and pressure or advice with benefits and carer support.

With your support, we can ensure that those in the Purbeck area who wish to spend their final days surrounded by their home comforts, and the beautiful local countryside and sea views, are granted this one last wish. Any donation will make a massive difference to those near you in your community; friends, family, colleagues, neighbours. None of us know when we might need end of life care. But you can provide the assurance that when the time comes your wishes will be met.

Your support is more than just a donation – it is a gift of care. You will be funding dignity, respect and comfort. You will be meeting the wishes of those in your community and ensuring that no one dies alone.

Weldmar Hospicecare

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Weldmar Hospicecare

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