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Remembering Jim at Day Services: “He couldn’t have had better, kinder, or more professional service”

16th July 2021


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Jim Hazelton loved attending Weldmar’s Day Services on a Tuesday.

The weekly session, held in the John Greener Room at our Inpatient Unit in Dorchester was the highlight of his week, and, according to his daughter Philippa, “apart from family, it was his absolute priority”.

Philippa and her brother Peter (pictured above with Debbie Elsmore from Day Services and Motor Neurone Disease Nurse Specialist Rose Elliott), have made a return journey to the hospice to hand over a donation of £4,000 towards Day Services provision, in memory of their Dad.

Jim was in his 80s when he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), and almost immediately he was invited to attend Day Services in Dorchester as part of his referral to Weldmar.

“He loved the homemade biscuits and cakes”, says Philippa, “and if he wasn’t feeling up to a main meal for lunch, the chef would come round and say, ‘Do you just fancy an egg or something today Jim?’.  It was all so considerate.  Medically too, if he shared any worries with the nurse at Weldmar in the morning, his GP would know by the afternoon.  It was all very joined up.”

“They gave him a good deal of support, not only emotionally and medically, but they also gave support to all the family, and I can’t begin to tell you how grateful we all are.”

“One day, there was something about his diagnosis that I was upset about, and Rose Elliott gave me so much time on the phone.  People were so endlessly reassuring and kind.”

Of the donation, Philippa says, “I know it can’t be easy to keep these services running, certainly with the pandemic when a lot of fundraising opportunities had to stop, so my brother and I just wanted to make sure that we could give something to help continue to provide these services.  It’s a tangible way of saying thank you, and supporting the service going forward for other people and their families.”

Thank you to Philippa and Peter for their generous donation, and sharing their story.

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