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Stan and Ruth Wedding at Weldmar's Inpatient Unit

“The greatest thanks to everyone who made it happen”: Ruth and Stan marry at Weldmar’s Inpatient Unit

13th March 2024


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Marion’s Room at Weldmar’s Inpatient Unit was transformed into a wedding venue yesterday, as Ruth and Stan exchanged vows in front of a number of close family members.

Less than two days since the idea was first put forward, the ceremony took place with flowers and decorations in the room, a stunning cake prepared by Weldmar’s catering team, and Revd Lesley McCreadie leading the service.

Ruth says, “I don’t think the staff at Weldmar could have made it any better than it was today. It was an amazing experience. The staff and the family have worked so well together. They adjusted my medication, put up all the decorations, and the food has been amazing. I’ve learnt some new things whilst I’ve been here about what a hospice can do. I can’t praise Weldmar enough.”

Stan told us that it couldn’t have gone any better. “We’ve been trying to organise our wedding for a long time, but it’s been on the back burner because we’re very busy people. When Ruth got cancer, we realised in talking to the doctors that we were running out of time. Ruth came into the hospice last Friday, and after a couple of days we spoke to the staff about the possibility of doing it here and they were as positive as you can imagine. We worked out a plan between us, and for the last 24 hours we’ve worked together like a well oiled machine and have pulled it off. The staff have been fantastic, and it’s been a pleasure to work with them.”

Ruth adds. “If it hadn’t have been for our vicar, Leslie McCreadie, we wouldn’t have been able to have it. We needed a special licence and she spent all yesterday afternoon doing what she needed to obtain that, but she didn’t get the final go-ahead until this morning, so it was cutting it fine.

“The greatest thanks to everyone.”

It was a team effort from colleagues based at Weldmar’s Inpatient Unit. Not only did our Hotel Services team provide the cake and buffet and help set up and clear away, but Maintenance erected a gazebo outside for family members, staff from Wellbeing Sessions made a number of the decorations and worked with nurses to decorate the room and chairs. Thank you to every member of our amazing team who contributed to this beautiful wedding at Weldmar’s Inpatient Unit.


Weldmar also extend their thanks to Floral Couture By Jay in Weymouth, for supplying a beautiful bouquet and buttonholes at very short notice.


A huge thank you to Stan and Ruth for allowing us to share their very special day with you.

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