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Stampede by the Sea is coming!

In spring 2025, Bridport, West Bay, and Lyme Regis will be transformed into a giant art trail, which will involve the whole community.

The aim is to raise vital funds for Weldmar Hospicecare, as well as awareness of our services in the area.

stampede by the sea elephant statue at the beach in west bay

A very special herd of elephants will be arriving in Bridport, West Bay, and Lyme Regis!

The area will be transformed into vibrant, fun, and free art trail that local families and visitors will never forget. Thirty striking and colourful elephants will be waiting to be discovered, each designed and painted by talented artists. The trail will conclude with each sculpture being auctioned for charity. Baby elephants will also be finding their way into local schools and learning venues, which will become their forever home.

Stampede by the Sea is raising funds for Weldmar Hospicecare, who provide specialist end of life care for local adults with a life limiting illness, and support for their loved ones.

stampede by the sea elephant statue by the sea

Become a partner or sponsor

By becoming a partner or sponsor of Stampede by the Sea you’ll be helping to create something very special for the local area, as well as supporting the work of Weldmar Hospicecare. Not only that, you’ll be able to promote your business, generate PR opportunities, and drive new business and loyalty.

Stampede by the Sea will attract visitors into the area before the height of the summer season, and will also turn local families into tourists as they take on the trail. This not only puts them all in front of your brand, but it also has a halo effect that will benefit the local tourist economy as a whole, which is so vital to this part of rural Dorset.

Find out more about sponsorship options here

There are a number of ways that your business can get involved with the trail, with each package offering a number of benefits. These include multiple PR opportunities, driving new business and loyalty, employee and customer relations, and meeting your corporate social responsibility objectives – all whilst making a difference to those local people who are navigating life’s most difficult journey and in need of the services of Weldmar Hospicecare.

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Learning programme

Schools, youth organisations, and other places of learning have the opportunity to engage with the project by adopting their very own baby elephant!

It’s up to each participating venue to decide how they want to design their elephant. It could be that pupils or students can be encouraged to submit their own designs as part of a competition, or it could be a group activity with everyone getting involved. However you do it, your painted elephant will be part of the trail in spring 2025 and then yours to keep.

Not only does this trail promote the importance of health and wellbeing by getting children outdoors, conversations can be started about important topics linked to elephants. This can include physical and mental health, citizenship and conservation, are crucially – the elephant in the room – what happens when someone is unwell and how to share their emotions.

We will work with teachers, group leaders and schools to support these conversations and how people can safely share their feelings with their friends, parents and teachers. The versatility and cross-curricular nature of this project, together with our tools and tips, gets all participants excited about their task to transform the sculpture into beautiful, meaningful artwork.

If you would like to find out more about being part of our Learning Programme, please request a brochure and arrange a chat with a member of our team by contacting stampede@weld-hospice.org.uk

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