Specialist care for adults in Dorset with a life limiting illness

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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Weldmar and the services we offer.

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Sustainable Shopping

You can support Weldmar Hospicecare, do your bit for the environment, and ease the pressure on your bank balance all at the same time by shopping in one of our shops or outlets in Dorset, or on our eBay store!


Every time you purchase an item from one of our charity shops in Dorset or from our online eBay Store, you are supporting Weldmar Hospicecare as well as practising sustainable shopping. The term sustainable shopping refers to the art of choosing and practising healthy shopping habits, which in turn reflect positively on the environment – and your bank account! In a nutshell, sustainable shopping is all about considering the economic and environmental impact of your purchase. An excellent way to practise sustainable shopping habits is by buying second-hand items, which you can do in any of our fantastic charity shops and outlets in Dorset.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The fashion and textile industries are some of the biggest polluters on the planet as they produce over ninety-two million tonnes of waste each year! By breaking this figure down, it can be understood that a whole truck full of textiles and clothes gets dumped into landfill every single second – which is an alarming statement! One way to control this statistic from rising any further is by purchasing and recycling second-hand products.

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ is a term that has been introduced to many of us from a very young age, however, this term isn’t simply applicable to waste such as cardboard boxes! By embracing the concept of purchasing second-hand clothing, furniture and even household items, you are practising sustainable shopping. All the items sold in our Weldmar Hospicecare charity shops and outlets are checked before being tagged and put out for sale, which means that you’ll always be buying a pre-used item which still has plenty of life left in it. Similarly, many of the items donated to our charity shops are brand new or have only ever been used a handful of times. By purchasing any of these items, you are saving perfectly good products from going into landfill and therefore shopping sustainably.

Shop sustainability whilst lowering your carbon footprint, saving money and avoiding buying into the fast fashion trade! This can be done by purchasing goods from our Weldmar Hospicecare charity shops, which sell the brands that we all love and recognise at a fraction of their originally selling cost. By opting to buy second-hand clothing, you will find yourself saving roughly 50% or more, each time you shop big-name brands!

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Unique Finds

Not only does sustainable shopping save you money whilst lowering your environmental impact, but it also allows you to get creative and search for interesting pieces to stand out from the crowd or decorate your home. Our charity shops offer a truly remarkable treasure trove of unique pieces that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to find on the high street or from your typical online retailers. We sell a wide variety of brands in our charity shops, from vintage pieces to vinyls, rare pottery, big-name high street brands to second-hand designer bags!

If you have recently purchased something special from any of our charity shops or outlets  – we’d love to see it styled with your unique sense of style or even in your home! Tag our Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook account in your posts for a chance to be featured on our socials.

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Support Local Communities

By purchasing second-hand items from any of our charity shops, you are funding a charity that will change people’s lives in your local community. All proceeds from our Weldmar Hospicecare shops and outlets go towards supporting our charity, which provides specialist care for adults with a life-limiting illness in Dorset. However, your purchases also help money circulate in the local community by continuing to create volunteering roles and jobs in Dorset – such as nurses, chefs, counsellors and retail workers to name a few.


Weldmar Hospicecare is a Dorset charity which provides free specialist care to adults with life-limiting illnesses and offers support to families. Your donations and charity shop proceeds helped us look after more than two thousand patients last year.

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