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Give up 40 items in 40 days for lent.

Take our ’40 Items in 40 Days’ Challenge this Lent

26th February 2020



Today is the first day of Lent, and traditionally, it’s time to give something up until Easter.

It’s a good opportunity to give up a vice – perhaps chocolate or wine!  But how about giving up things that you probably won’t miss, and helping out Weldmar Hospicecare in the process?

We’ve got a challenge for you – starting today, and for the next forty days until Easter Sunday, why not take an item from your home that you haven’t used for a long time, and put it aside in a bag?

It could be an item of clothing.  A book.  One of the children’s toys they no longer play with.  A kitchen gadget you’ve not even opened!  Anything!

By Easter Sunday, you’ll have a bag with forty items that you can donate to your nearest Weldmar charity shop, you’ll have decluttered your home a little, and you’ll be happy in the knowledge that your donations will be going towards helping us provide end of life care to anyone who needs it in Dorset.

Weldmar needs to raise £18,000 a day to continue services for patients and their loved ones, and sales from our chain of charity shops and outlets go a long way towards achieving that total.

Let us know if you take part in our 40 Items in 40 Days Challenge, and how you get on!

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