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Taking on the Everesting challenge for Weldmar

19th August 2020



It’s a cycling phenomenon that has become all the rage this year – Everesting.

Although the name was first coined in the mid 1990’s, with many cycling events cancelled this year many riders have turned to this ultimate personal challenge.  It involves cycling uphill until you have completed the same distance as the height of Mount Everest.

Nick Carroll is going to be Everesting on Saturday 29th August, on the Verne hill on Portland.  He must complete seventy laps – all the way up and all the way down – to complete the challenge, which he is doing to raise money for Weldmar Hospicecare.

Nick explains why he’s supporting us:


“It’s quite close to my heart, as I know a number of people who have been helped by Weldmar.  Not just the end of life nursing, but taking people to hospital appointments and things like that, so for me it was a no brainer to help them as well as taking on a personal challenge for me.”

Nick, who is a newly qualified financial advisor, has been a keen cyclist for the last three years.  “I have always like the thought of doing an event like this, but never really thought I had the time.  It was suggested to me and since then I’ve not been able to get the idea out of my head!”

Training for this challenge has been full on for around eight weeks before the big day.

“I’m excited to be able to get it done, and I feel at this point that I will achieve it.  But I’m also nervous – it’s a long time and anything could go wrong!  Also, the money that’s been raised gives me an extra pressure to get it done.”

It’s be an early start, with Nick getting up at around 1am, and taking his bike, energy gels and food, and 25 litres of water over to the bottom of the hill, where he’s expecting to take around fifteen hours to complete it, with some short rest breaks.

He’ll be joined by his fiance – they are getting married later this year – and family and friends throughout the day.

“Thank you to everyone who’s already made a donation, and to everyone who’s shared my post on Facebook about it.  As well as raising the money for Weldmar, I really want to get the word out there that Weldmar needs support right now.”

Visit Nick's fundraising page here


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