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VOLUNTEERS WEEK: Helping out at a Weldmar shop

1st June 2019



This week is National Volunteers Week, and Weldmar Hospicecare relies heavily on an army of volunteers doing a wide variety of roles.  Without them, we simply couldn’t provide the care and support we do in Dorset.

Every day this week we’re going to feature a different area of Weldmar where we have volunteers providing a valuable service.

One area that relies heavily on volunteers are our twenty shops and six outlet stores, which are spread across the county.  We estimate they contribute more than half a millions pounds worth of work every year!

You can find out where our shops and outlets are here.

Pictured above are Ann Langridge and Sandra Eldridge who volunteer in our Bridport East shop.

They serve customers, sort stock, help customers with queries, arrange displays and shelves, and take donations and encourage donors to Gift Aid.  “We really want to make the customers feel welcome”, says Sandra.

Sandra started helping at the shop after her doctor suggested she take up a volunteering role for her well-being.  She admits she didn’t want to do it, and walked through Bridport, only stopping at our shop because it was the last one on the street!  But she says she is ever so glad she did, as it’s made a really big difference to her, and Weldmar is a great cause.

Ann has recently retired to Bridport, and says she wanted to do something useful with her spare time.  She wanted to volunteer for Weldmar Hospicecare because she doesn’t believe that there’s enough funding for end of life care, so it was an automatic choice for her – the only questions was which of our two Bridport shops to choose from!

Memorable donations Ann and Sandra have taken include a Vivienne Westwood coat that sold for £175, and a clock in a glass dome so you could see all the inner workings – that went for more than £200.  They say items placed in the window don’t last long – they have a good space in which to display some of the items that are for sale.  It’s very satisfying to serve a customer with an item they need and know the money if going towards such a good cause.

Ann says one of the best things about volunteering for Weldmar Hospicecare is that you can choose how much time you give.  It’s very flexible, so you can come along and do as little or as long as you can, and the staff are very grateful for their time and effort.  Sandra says she gets on very well with the staff and other volunteers, and looks forward to coming in to see them!

We thank all our amazing volunteers for the work they do!  Discover more about volunteering opportunities with Weldmar Hospicecare here.



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