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Weldmar’s Complementary Therapy Volunteers: Offering calmness and relaxation to patients and their loved ones

25th March 2024


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At Weldmar Hospicecare we offer a range of complementary therapies, all free of charge, which work alongside conventional medical treatment and aim to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, enhancing quality of life.

Our Complementary Therapy Services Lead Sarah, and Complementary Therapists Anneliese and Danielle are supported by an amazing team of volunteers, who enable the team to offer more services to patients and their loved ones. We asked some of the team why they volunteer, and what volunteering for Weldmar means to them:

“The care and support my Dad, and then my Mum, received from the Hospice during their illness and the support given to me.  I was already trained in some therapies and I wanted to give something back.  A smile, a ‘thank you for helping with my pain’,  how much the patients enjoy their treatments, meeting some lovely people and their humour despite their situation, makes it all worthwhile and a pleasure to do.  I call Wellbeing on Tuesdays the most enjoyable day of my week”.

Marie – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

“At a personal level I have always maintained that soothing touch and a listening ear is almost as important as the medical attention that is so vital.  The body needs both and it is brilliant that we are able to make a small contribution when medical services are so overstretched.  A few moments of calm helps us feel human when faced with unpleasant experiences and I really think it possible that treatment may actually be more effective when one is not feeling anxious.

It is lovely to see a relaxed smile arrive on an anxious face”.

Rita – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

“When I moved to Dorset over 20 years ago,  ‘Dorset Cancer Care’ were looking for complementary therapist volunteers. Having volunteered as a reflexologist at a hospice in Sussex which was very rewarding I signed up at what is now known as Weldmar Hospicecare. I am an advocate for the compassionate palliative care they provide. It has been a humbling journey. I have learnt so much from the education provided and the many experiences, both tears and laughter, a two way relationship-relax and some relief for patients and for me to feel and see the benefits for them”.

Diane – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

“Being able to offer calmness and relaxation to people going through very difficult and painful periods in their life is very humbling and rewarding”

Elaine – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

“There are so many reasons that I do gentle touch. It is the wonderful reaction from the people who first experience it and one can feel their shoulders and bodies relax. I had two lovely gentlemen, one said I was the woman with the gentle hands and the other lovely soft hands, and that means so much to me as I know how much I am helping them. And occasionally the person I am doing Gentle Touch will nearly drift off. This is one of the most lovely jobs I am doing in the Hospice.”

Penny – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

Angie Inverso - Complementary Therapy Volunteer

We’re expanding our service, and on the lookout for volunteers

We are looking for volunteers with a qualification in aromatherapy, massage, reflexology or Reiki to join our expanding complementary therapy team and provide therapies to patients and their families.

We are particularly keen to hear from therapists who would be confident in offering services in outpatient clinics and for staff wellbeing. It’s an excellent opportunity to develop your skills and expertise within a professional, supportive environment. If you would like to find out more, please contact operations.admin@weld-hospice.org.uk

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