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We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Weldmar and the services we offer.

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Writing a Will

Preparing a Will can be daunting, but it will ensure that your money, property and possessions go to the people and good causes that you want them to. Weldmar can help facilitate writing your Will.

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Why you need a Will

A Will is a very important document that ensures those you care about are provided for after your death and receive the inheritance that you wish for them to have.
Without a valid Will, a person’s estate is said to be ‘intestate’ and can mean that the specific wishes you may have for your family or loved ones are not carried out.

Making sure your Will is legal and accurate

An experienced solicitor will ensure that your Will is valid; they also help you make any changes you might wish to make to an existing Will. Weldmar offers a free Will writing service alongside our partners, Octopus Legacy – see details below. If you need to find a local solicitor to help you, The Law Society offers a free search service. You can either visit their online search facility or call their helpline on 020 7320 5650.

What about inheritance tax?

We are often asked about inheritance tax and how a legacy can reduce your tax bill. Your beneficiaries will need to pay inheritance tax if the total value of your estate is over a certain value. At the time of writing, 40% of the amount over the threshold will be payable as tax. Gifts to charities are exempt from inheritance tax and the value of your estate is calculated after gifts like these have been deducted. More information is available on the HMRC website.

Different types of gift

There are three main types of gift you can choose to leave in your Will. They are:

  • A percentage of your estate (a residuary gift)
  • A set sum of money (a pecuniary gift)
  • A specific item, such as a piece of jewellery or artwork
Weldmar Hospicecare

Request Weldmar’s guide to writing your Will

Weldmar Hospicecare will support you in making your Will. We have prepared a concise information pack, which includes important things to remember, and a useful glossary of terms and words you might encounter during the process.

There is no obligation for you to leave a gift to Weldmar by using this service, but if that is something you would like to do there is more information below.

If you would like to request this pack, please contact:

Sarah Wilson
Weldmar Offices
Bridport Road
Dorset DT1 3SD
t: 01305 261800
e: wills@weld-hospice.org.uk

Choosing to leave a gift in your Will

After providing for your family and friends, by leaving a gift in your will to Weldmar Hospicecare you could, in a very special way, help to ensure the continuation of caring work after your lifetime.

Did you know that money left to us in Wills contribute almost 30% of our income, meaning that one in three patients is cared for directly as a result of of these gifts?

Because we don’t receive the money now but in the future, it means that we can build and plan ahead for our care for future generations, and it doesn’t cost you anything in your lifetime. Gifts can be a lump sum or a percentage of what you leave behind, so can be affordable no matter what your circumstances.

We can send you a useful information pack, or you can write your will online, free, quickly, and securely.

Any gift you make will be exempt from inheritance tax so all of it can be used by Weldmar.


Nurse Julie at our inpatient unit. Leave a gift in your will to support our Dorset charity.

Write your Will, for free, online today

We are delighted to have partnered with the experts at Octopus Legacy (previously known as Guardian Angel) to offer you the opportunity to write or amend your Will for free.

  • It’s free
  • It’s quick and easy, taking around 15-20 minutes to complete
  • It will provide peace of mind to know you have arranged your Will
  • It’s safe – Octopus Legacy Wills are legally binding and checked promptly by their experts

You can also arrange to write your free Will over the phone, or even in person. Please call Octopus Legacy on 0800 773 4014 and quote the code WELDMARFREE.

Start my Free Online Will
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