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Celebrating AHP Day: Meet Sarah, from our Allied Health Professional Team

14th October 2021


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The 14th October is National AHP’s Day, celebrating the work of Allied Health Professions. Here at Weldmar Hospicecare we have Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, but other AHP roles can include dieticians, radiographers, speech and language therapists, paramedics, and chiropodists.

We recently added a brand new role to our AHP team – an Allied Health Professional Assistant Practitioner. Sarah Hunter, who has recently started this new role, tells us what it’s all about!

What does a typical day involve for you?

I am part of a small team of Allied Health Professionals (AHP) consisting of Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. As a team we cover all the Multidisciplinary Team meetings (MDT) and part of my role is attending the MDTs when required.

My general day to day can involve visits, telephone calls supporting patient and families and liaising with wider teams. For example our Weldmar Community Team, Inpatient Unit, and external teams. These can include, Wheelchair Services, DAIRS/Respiratory Teams, MNDA, Community Equipment Service, Community Rehab Team (CRT), DNs and, if appropriate liaising with GPs, this list is not exhaustive.

How do you support the Inpatient Unit?

I attend if required the daily handover meeting on the Inpatient Unit, where we discuss patient needs and update the team. As part of the team I support patients on the Inpatient Unit. This can involve supporting patients with their mobility and positioning. We work holistically to empower the patient to maintain some independence and well- being while they are staying with us.

Once the patient is able to be discharged from the Inpatient Unit, I liaise closely with my AHP and Nursing colleagues to ensure the patient has the appropriate equipment to facilitate a safe discharge home. If needed, I may be required to carry out a follow up visit to ensure the patient and family are managing well.

How do you support the Community?

Referrals are received from the Weldmar Community Nurses to provide specialist input for our patients. Once referred, I would liaise with my AHP team and carry out follow up visits. This involves review of equipment needs, support for the patient and family, and liaising with a wider team if necessary.

How do you support patients with Motor Neurone Disease?

Supporting the complex needs of people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a considerable part of our service. I work closely with my AHP team to support both patients and their families within their own home and the In Patient Unit.

What does it mean to you to be part of the AHP team at Weldmar?

It is a real privilege to be part of the AHP Team. I love being part of a team that can further support our patients and families to enable and facilitate independence, safety and well-being.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy working within an amazing team, and being able utilise my experience to support the AHP team, while also having the opportunities of new learning and development. I also enjoy being able to have hands on contact with patients on our Inpatient Unit, in the Community and our MND patients. Every day is varied with new challenges and achievements which brings great reward and fulfilment.


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