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Reflexology at Weldmar example

Reflexology at Weldmar

19th September 2023


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The Complementary Therapy team at Weldmar offer a range of complementary therapies, all free of charge, which work alongside conventional medical treatment and aim to support physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, enhancing quality of life. Therapies including reflexology, are available for patients, families, carers and people who have been bereaved.

Reflexology at Weldmar team

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is based on the principle that areas on the hands and feet act as a map with specific points or reflexes, corresponding to systems and organs of the body. Firm but gentle pressure on these areas can help to alleviate some of the conditions that our patients can experience. It is effective for practical issues such as constipation and nausea, breathlessness, headaches and muscle tension. A reflexology session is relaxing and our patients often find they can cope better with feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety for some time after a session.

Reflexology has virtually no contraindications and is frequently used whilst receiving other medications or treatments. The Complementary Therapy team offer the treatment on our Inpatient Unit, in a complementary therapy clinic room or in the community.

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Karen is a patient who's had reflexology - here's what she says:

“For me, the complementary therapy made me less anxious, less stressed, and gave me an hour of peace – not having to think about or worry about anything. Those giving the therapies are so kind, and so gentle, and will do whatever you need.I was amazed that you could rub someone’s foot and affect what is going on in their body, but I was open to anything that would help me. I was totally surprised to find out that Weldmar offered this, and that it was free. It was holistic – it’s not just about getting painkillers and medicine inside you, but they do all these other things to make you feel better. I think it’s brilliant.”

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See examples of reflexology techniques for both hands and feet in the video below:

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