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Shannen, one of Weldmar Hospicecare’s Staff Nurses

Shannen’s Nursing Story: “I appreciate we get time to spend with patients and their loved ones”

23rd January 2023


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Shannen, one of Weldmar Hospicecare’s Staff Nurses

Shannen is one of Weldmar Hospicecare’s Staff Nurses at our Inpatient Unit. She started at Weldmar in May 2021. “I’ve always been interested in palliative care and end of life medicine. I actually did my dissertation in end of life when I was at university.” Shannen completed her training in Bristol in 2015, and once she had completed her studies she moved back to Dorset.
“I worked on an emergency admissions unit before I came here. It was very busy and stressful with a lot of patients.”

Making the move to Weldmar meant that she could specialise and focus on end of life care, “I’m passionate about the job that I do and I make a difference. I think you’re born into this world with dignity and you need to die with dignity, and we achieve that here which is really important for me. I also appreciate that we have time to spend with patients and their loved ones.”

Weldmar Hospicecare

Weldmar also provides Shannen the opportunity to learn and develop. “The doctors here are so approachable, they are friendly and you can ask them questions. They do a lot of teaching sessions here, but we also learn from each other all the time.”

One of her favourite things about the job is the team spirit. “The teamwork here is phenomenal, we’re like a family. We all support each other when we’ve had difficult cases and sad times and we’ve all been there to support each other which is great. We help each other out, nothing’s ever too much of a trouble.”

Thank you to Shannen for sharing her story. If you’d like to find out more about joining Team Weldmar, or know someone who would, come along to our Staff Nurse Recruitment Open Day on Saturday 18th November 2023.

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