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A birthday party at the peak of Ben Nevis to remember Julia, and support Weldmar

20th July 2021


Fundraising News

On Monday 26th July, Abi and her husband, Scott, will climb Ben Nevis in memory of Abi’s sister, Julia (pictured above on her wedding day to Nick in 2020), on what would be her 41st birthday. They’re raising money for Weldmar Hospicecare, who supported Julia during her final months.

They’ll even be taking a birthday cake and lighting a candle on it when they reach the top. “We describe Julia as being like the sun,” Abi says, “shining down on us, and yellow was also her favourite colour, so the cake will be covered in yellow icing, with sunflowers and yellow roses on top.”

The idea of climbing Ben Nevis came about when Abi started planning a summer visit with her nephews, Julia’s sons, last year. Tom and Joel are very into outdoor activities, and Abi mentioned that Ben Nevis was only a few hours away from her house. The boys were keen to climb it, and Tom suggested they should do it on Julia’s birthday, to remember her together as a family.

Unfortunately, they are now unable to complete the challenge with Abi and Scott due to the ongoing Covid restrictions, but they plan to FaceTime together at the top, and Tom plans his own challenge later in the year.

Abi will admit that her fitness has improved dramatically from her first training climb 11 weeks ago. Since then in preparation, Abi has climbed 13 mountains in Scotland and England to make sure she’s up for the challenge. Along the way, she’s discovered a love of climbing and thinks it’s something she’ll carry on with once the challenge is over.

Friends and family have joined Abi on her climbs to support her, and Scott has trained when he’s been able to.

It will take Abi and Scott approximately four hours to reach the summit, and three and a half hours to get back down. It’s not an easy challenge due to the changing weather conditions, and the altitude.

Abi adds ‘Weldmar helped us all so much. They took great care of Julia, and they gave us so much support and so we would like to give something back. Julia was a positive person, she always looked on the bright side. We’ll be thinking of her when we’re climbing.’

Julia was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in 2019 and was in Weldmar’s care until she passed away in November 2020.

Support Abi and Scott here

Everyone at Weldmar wishes them the very best of luck with their challenge.

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