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“It is good for the soul” – why we volunteer for Weldmar

31st May 2023


News Staff and Volunteers

Elliott Stradling - Volunteer for Weldmar.

Elliott Stradling – Ward Volunteer

Elliott started volunteering at the Inpatient Unit at the end of 2022, after hearing a talk at his school about volunteering at Weldmar Hospicecare. He said “It’s really very rewarding, the team at Weldmar are some of the most welcoming people you can find. The individuals you get to talk to, I probably would never speak to otherwise, as most of my time is at school and other activities with people my own age. It’s really nice to connect with other people.  It’s been a really great experience and I have met some really amazing people!” 

Rachel Mandy - Retail Volunteer for Weldmar 30 ways to support Weldmar Hospicecare

Rachel Mandy – Retail Volunteer for Weldmar

Rachel volunteers at our Dorchester Charity Shop, carrying out a variety of tasks including serving customers on the till, sorting items, and steaming clothes.  She really enjoys volunteering “It’s giving back to the community that you live in which I think is a good thing to do. It’s really fun, you have a good laugh and meet lots of people from all walks of life. I would recommend volunteering; it is good for the soul!” 

Angie Inverso - Complementary Therapy Volunteer

Angie Inverso – Complementary Therapy Volunteer

Angie works from home as a reflexologist, and volunteers once a week for the Complementary Therapy team at the Inpatient Unit in Dorchester. She said “I’ve been a full-time mum, and my two daughters have grown up. I’m not needed by them quite as much as I used to be, so I thought I would give up some of my time to Weldmar Hospicecare.  Volunteering means I’m able to give something back and know that the patients are having something nice.” 

Carol Chopra - Retail Volunteer for Weldmar

Carol Chopra – Retail Volunteer for Weldmar

Carol has been volunteering at our Dorchester Outlet for over two years, she used to frequent the outlet as a customer and was interested in volunteering, so spoke to a staff member who gave her a form to apply. She said “I enjoy the fact that everything is different every time I come in. I think it has given me a sense of purpose and definitely helped improve my self-esteem and confidence.  I like working with all the different people, we have a great team here. I like talking to the customers and working on the till, it is quite varied and it is very very enjoyable!”  

If you would like to join #TeamWeldmar as a volunteer, we would love to hear from you, whether you’re interested in lending a hand in one of our shops, serving meals to patients, offering carer support, or helping out at a fundraising event.

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