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Simon Day

Simon’s Story – how Weldmar helped him to go to Glastonbury

27th July 2022


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Simon Day is a music lover. He has been to the Glastonbury Festival a number of times in the past, and was eagerly looking forward to the return of the event this June for the first time since the pandemic. However, since purchasing tickets last year, Simon discovered that he had Motor Neurone Disease.

With help and support from Weldmar’s Neurology Nurse Specialist, Rose Elliott, and our team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists, Simon was able to be one of the 200,000 people who attended the world famous festival at Worthy Farm.

“Camping, when you’ve got mobility issues, can be quite challenging – but I like a challenge!”, explains Simon. “I first explained to Rose that I wanted to go when I was diagnosed at the start of the year, and she said it could happen, and was very encouraging. Weldmar helped to organise a mobility scooter for me to get around the festival site, and crutches.”

“Dealing with Motor Neurone Disease is something of a mental battle, but I am in a good place. It is concerning, of course, but I’m living for now and making the most of what I can do, not what I can’t.”

Simon worked with Specialist Physiotherapist Clare Bradbury to establish good technique with regards to the use of his crutches within this different setting and was encouraged to use transport provided to travel greater distances within the Glastonbury site. Specialist Occupational Therapist Jane Smith also provided advice regarding the safest ways to transfer from the camp bed, from the ground and to and from his mobility scooter.

Simon explains, “My legs are starting to stiffen, which makes maneuverability limited. We worked out a technique that would allow me to get off the camp bed with the aid of crutches, trying out lots of different positions and finding a way that worked for me. All the exercises we did actually came in very useful one afternoon when my partner Emma and I found a spot and sat on a blanket on the floor in the sunshine, and I found it very difficult to get back up again. We actually found it quite funny, as I tried all these positions to try and get me back up on the mobility scooter!”

Jane Smith adds, “Our role as Allied Health Professionals is to work together to support our patients to achieve their goals, equipped with the advice, techniques and equipment they may need in order to achieve them. So it’s wonderful for us to hear that Simon had such a great time at Glastonbury”.

Simon, who particularly enjoyed the sets by Elbow and Gentlemen’s Dub Club, says he’s very thankful to Weldmar for helping to make it happen. “It’s a huge thing really, to be able to go and not be limited to staying in one place. It gave me the freedom to follow my ears and discover new music, which is something we have always enjoyed. Watching Elbow late in the afternoon was amazing, and it got me quite emotional at the end.”

Our thanks to Simon for sharing his story. If you would like to share how Weldmar has helped you or a loved one, please contact marketing@weld-hospice.org.uk.

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