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Our individually tailored care for patients and their loved ones takes place in the community, at home, and in our hospice

Weldmar Hospicecare

It’s 8.00pm. We receive a phone call from a distressed lady whose husband is dying at home. He’s in pain, she’s exhausted and she doesn’t know what to do. She’s worried she’ll have to phone 999 but she also wants to honour his wishes to stay at home.

Within 20 minutes I pull up on the drive. I’m able to calm the family, see to the patient, help ease his pain and make sure he is comfortable. I quietly put on his favourite CD, Frank Sinatra, and allow the family to be by his side, holding his hand and cherishing every last moment together.

What I do is not just a job, it is an absolute honour. I am so proud to be part of the Weldmar at Home team, and you should be proud too. That is the kind of difference we are able to make, simply because of you.

My name is Mel and I feel privileged to be part of the Weldmar at Home team and be able to support people when they are at their most vulnerable.

I joined Weldmar Hospicecare last May, thanks to the generosity of our supporters last year to launch this brand new service.  Since launching Weldmar at Home last July it has been made clear just how vital and special this service is and it is a pleasure to play my part in this care, but the demand and wishes for care at home continues to dramatically increase.

Between October 2020 and September 2021, the south west saw the highest proportion of people spending their last days in their own home, compared to the rest of the UK. An estimated 70% of people now wish to spend their final days surrounded by their loved ones and home surroundings, and 55% of over 65s in Dorset live alone. With more people wanting to stay at home for the final part of their journey, Weldmar at Home is absolutely vital to ensure these wishes can be met. More people are being admitted to hospital because they haven’t got the care and support that they need at home. Often what should be a short stay in hospital, becomes the place where the patient will spend their final days, despite their wish to be cared for at home. There are few providers able to respond quickly enough to support the patient’s final wish – but with your help, we can step in when it’s really needed.


In the first six months, the Weldmar at Home team were able to make a huge difference for patients who wanted to spend their final days at home...


individual home visits were made


miles were travelled across Dorset


hours of care were provided

Our vision for Weldmar at Home remains the same as when our Inpatient Unit was built and opened in 1994, to provide end of life hospice care with compassion, dignity and respect. A service available completely free of charge to the local community. We are proud of the difference that Weldmar at Home continues to make on an hourly basis, but the demand is far greater than our current service. More often than not, the hands on care we provide to our patients is just a small part of what we do. Making the family a cup of tea, helping the patient to eat a small square of their favourite chocolate, hearing the wonderful stories about happier times and being that listening ear, comforting hug and reassuring voice, just when people need it most.

More than 82,000 people in Dorset provide unpaid care, with 22% providing over 50 hours each week. Balancing being a carer and a loved one is exceptionally challenging but often, professional support just isn’t available. There is only one opportunity to get the end of life right for people and when it doesn’t go well, it can affect a family for many years. With your help, our expert caring team can be there for even more patients, helping to provide a comfortable and dignified end to their life, whilst allowing family members to focus on being a loved one, rather than a carer.

We know the demand is far greater that our current provision but we are also aware the difference that we can make with your support. Now is the time to expand Weldmar at Home, meet the wishes of so many more patients and provide the high standard of care, love and support that is deserved by each and every person. But we can’t do this without you.

Mervyn and Thelma's Story

“Towards the end, it gave us the extra care that we really needed... I can’t imagine what it would have been like if it wasn’t for Weldmar at Home.”

Read how Weldmar at Home made a difference for Mervyn and Thelma
Weldmar Hospicecare

I know that the cost of living increases are impacting all of us but this is just too important not to ask for your kindness again. We are a trusted local and established charity and for the past 28 years, when people have needed us, we’ve been able to say yes – only possible because of you. Please help us say yes again to the hundreds of additional patients who need us right now.

Any donation will make a massive difference to those near you in your community; friends, family members; colleagues; neighbours. Your support is more than just a donation – it is a gift of care.

You keep our nurses on the road. You allow us to ensure patients are in control, pain free and as independent as possible. You enable loved ones to remain a member of the family and not a carer. You are helping to make the end of people’s lives as comfortable as possible.

Please donate what you can, whether it is a one off donation or a more affordable monthly amount. Allow us to be on the doorstep of everyone who needs us most over the coming months ahead.

Thank you


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